Finlands svenska Idrott r.f. (Finland’s Swedish Sports confederation) (FSI) is a sport and exercise promoting organization that will, as stated in their statutes, support and promote sports and physical education in Finland. FSI is a central organization for seven member associations and three sports districts with activities in Swedish. These member associations have approximately 601 Swedish or bilingual sports clubs and schools as members. In total FSI is estimated to have approximately 104,000 members. FSI member associations are the Finlands Svenska Gymnastikförbund FSG r.f. (Finnish Swedish Gymnastics Federation FSG), Finlands Svenska Orienteringsförbund FSO r.f. (Finnish Swedish Orienteering Federation FSO), Finlands Svenska Skidförbund FSS r.f. (Finnish Swedish Ski Association FSS), Svenska Finlands Idrottsförbund SFI r.f. (Swedish Finnish Sports Association SFI), Svenska Finlands Skolidrottsförbund SFSI r.f. (Swedish Finnish School Sports Association SFSI), Svenska Finlands Sportskytteförbund SFS r.f, (Swedish Finnish Sport Shooting Federation SFS), Nyland-Åbolands Idrottsdistrikt r.f. (Nyland-Åboland’s Sports District), Ålands Idrottsdistrikt r.f (Åland’s Sports District), Österbottens Idrottsdistrikt r.f. (Ostrobothnia’s Sports District) and Idrottens Föreningsallians r.f. (Sports Association Alliance IFA).

We want

We want sports and exercise in Swedish to be available and possible for everyone in Finland. Therefore, our vision and motto is: "sports and exercise in Swedish for everyone in Finland"

What do we do and why do we do it?

Our goal is to create a lifelong interest in sports and exercise, as well as to create the conditions for viable sports in Swedish in Finland.

We do this by:

         ·  organizing, developing and implementing sports and exercise activities in Finland’s Swedish regions

         ·  providing the conditions and resources for sports and exercise activities in the field

         ·  arranging training and courses, as well as producing different services for athletes, trainers, active associations 
and the public

         ·  acting as guardian of the member federations and associations, and of individual practitioners 
within sports, in Swedish

         ·  cooperating and creating new networks nationally and internationally with actors working for 
similar objectives and that act as a skills and resource center for the Finnish Swedish athletes. 
We work in accordance with the Finnish sporting organization’s joint strategy, i.e. that Finland will be the country foremost on the move and most successful from a Nordic perspective in 2020.

This means that we support both the athlete’s as well as the exerciser’s path with the goal of working for 1) a variable childhood, 2) more exercise and movement for young people and adults, 3) a viable association operation, as well as being involved and building the potential for 4) successful elite athletes.


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00380 Helsingfors

telefon: 0207309290 (växel)
e-post: info(AT)
FO-nummer: 0211087-9